Video: The dangers of counterfeit gear


If you go to enough motorcycle rallies and shows, sooner or later you’ll see counterfeit motorcycle gear. This video originally produced by the BBC shows you the dangers of purchasing the stuff.

Sometimes, it’s just a jacket that’s ripping off the exact same design as a legitimate manufacturer (I once saw a made-in-Pakistan copy of an Olympia AST at a motorcycle show that looked like it wouldn’t function in a bicycle crash, let alone a motorcycle crash). Sometimes, as in the first example in this video, the counterfeiters instead steal a larger company’s logos.

The end of the video also features a segment on a junk helmet. This is particularly noteworthy; not that long ago, we told buyers they didn’t have to purchase a top-of-the-line helmet when getting geared up. However, as this video points out, you do need to buy a helmet from a reputable manufacturer, not something put together in a back alley sweatshop.

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