OPP issues safety warning for Ontario motorists

Photo: WLadyslaw/Wikimedia

Attention, Ontario residents: Want to take a ride up to the cottage this weekend, or just escape the city for some free-wheelin? The Ontario Provincial Police issued a safety warning this weekend, and they say they’ll be watching the roads closely.

Every Victoria Day weekend, the OPP says, there’s a spike in motorized deaths, whether from motorcyclists on the road, or people riding off-road. They blame alcohol for some of these deaths, as well as riders tooling around in the woods without helmets, but they also plan to step up enforcement on the streets. In other words, there might be a better time to, uh, clean out the carbon deposits on your machine. Not that we would recommend such a practice.

Their press release says they’ll be taking part in the Canada Road Safety Week program this weekend, saying  “During the campaign, the OPP and its policing partners will be focusing their education and enforcement efforts on the “Big Four” driving behaviours on Ontario roads that place all roads users at risk.  These are: driving impaired by alcohol or drugs, failure to use or improper use of seat belts, distracted and aggressive driving.”

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