Bosch introduces universal fuel injection


Want EFI, but your bike’s price point means it came with a carburetor? According to Bosch, that won’t be a problem anymore.

The German component manufacturer says they have come out with an EFI system that can be adapted to fit any motorcycle, from lowly commuter machines in the developing world to high-end machines from Europe.

In fact, affordability was a big part of Bosch’s design plan. They seem to be very determined to come out with a system that anyone can buy. In Bosch’s press release, company bigwig Dr. Rolf Bulander said that “No new car has a carburetor anymore – and soon that will be true of the two-wheeler as well.”

Due to clever design, Bosch claims they will be able to offer an EFI system for single-cylinder motors close to the same price as a carburetor system. What that means for sportbikes isn’t stated specifically, but their press release claims their system will fit “high-performance bikes prevalent in Europe and North America.”

One of the keys to the affordability, Bosch says, was their experience in combustion processes and engine dynamics, which helped them develop software for their ECU that eliminated the need for costly sensors.

Bosch also plans to make their EFI system compatible with smartphones, letting riders view their fuel consumption and other details on their phone. Supposedly, riders can even use the phone to activate an immobilizer that shuts down the bike.

When will this technology show up in North America? There’s no word on availability yet, but you can bet that if it really is as great as they claim, you’ll be seeing low-end bikes with the Bosch system arriving before too long.


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