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Dogged by the law


Police have managed to crack a particularly nasty ring of crims in Bali recently, who used a motorcycle to carry out their depredations.

Apparently, people eat dog meat in Bali. And, there was a couple hoodlums who decided to supply their local dog meat vendors by going around on motorbikes, poisoning dogs and grabbing them, selling them for food. Yuk.

However, the neighbourhood figured out was going on and dealt with matters … effectively. The no-goodniks grabbed an off-duty policeman’s dog. Unfortunately (for them), he caught them, and the neighbours started in pursuit. The criminals crashed their bike while trying to get away, and the angry posse ensured they wouldn’t commit further bike-borne depredations by setting the machine on fire. So much for the outlaw lifestyle.

Johnny Law caught up with the duo a while later, and they’re now facing up to seven years in prison for their canine crimes.

Source: Bali News

Old school

Ever been to a stunt show? They usually involve tattoos and heavy metal music. Not so much in the old days, though.

Rally of the Dolls

Behold - a few of the Devil Dolls.
Behold – a few of the Devil Dolls.

It’s tough being a wannabe outlaw motorcycle gang these days – they just don’t get no respect.

As an example, check out the Devil Dolls, a San Francisco-based female-only “Outlaw MC” (their words) that allows membership requests by email. The Dolls recently set up a cupcake sale for charity at a local gun range – not a great way to boost your street cred, but hey, even the Hells Angels have toy runs.

But their plan to squeegee their public image didn’t go so well when the gun range told them they couldn’t sell their baked goods, saying it was against  range policy to let motorcycle clubs push their products there. The club president protested, saying it was unfair profiling and that “Motorcycle clubs are not street gangs.” Presumably, she hasn’t read the wording on her own website, or she wouldn’t be squawking quite so loudly.

There’s no word on how the Devil Dolls managed to unload all their excess cupcakes, but we’re assuming the street value diminished greatly after a few days.

Source: SFGate

The Jetcycle lives

Here’s a custom bike theme that isn’t likely to take off. Get it? … Bad puns aside, this thing is apparently built from a Gold Wing, by someone with wayyyyy too much time on their hands.

Wrong place, wrong time

And here’s why you don’t run out on a track during the middle of a motorcycle event.

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