Not available in Canada: Yamaha MT-125


Yamaha continues to build up their MT lineup, with the just-released MT-125 announced for markets where people actually learn to ride on beginner-appropriate motorcycles.

Unlike the radical MT-09 and MT-07 (FZ-09 and FZ-07 in Canada), which were built around all-new motors and frames, the MT-125 raids Yamaha’s parts bin, re-purposing the R125’s frame and motor, but with naked bike styling instead of a full-fairing sportbike look. It’s a learner-friendly ride, designed to compete with machines like the KTM Duke 125 and Honda CBR125.

Despite its beginner bike status, the machine has some shiny bits, including 41 mm USD forks, 292 mm front disk brake with radially-mounted caliper and optional ABS. Much of the bike’s lighting is LED. The liquid-cooled four-valve SOHC motor makes around 14 hp.

You can see the MT-125 in action below, in the latest of Yamaha’s “Dark Side of Japan” videos; judging by the gear the riders are wearing, their marketing department are big fans of Mad Max. But hey, who isn’t?


  1. Love it, Love it, Love it. Just too bad they don’t offer this and the YZF-R125 sportbike that it’s based on in Canada. The only potential good news is that the forthcoming YZF-R3 (300cc twin) that is supposedly coming to market soon with likely be followed up by a similarly naked version of the R3. These have a much better chance of coming to Canada.

  2. With the beginner market amply covered by Honda and Kawasaki, Yamaha likely didn’t see the need to bring in this bike to suffer poor sales.

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