BMW to build electric scooter (with 30 pictures!)


BMW’s C650 and C600 scooters made it from concept to market, and now the  C Evolution electric step-through will hit production as well. And, it might be just the first electric two-wheeler they make, according to Interwebz gossip.

BMW says their new battery-powered step-through will have a 100-km range, with a nominal power rating of 15 hp and a 47 hp peak rating. Top speed is 120 kph; 0-50 kph acceleration is 2.7 seconds a,d 0-100 kph is 6.2 seconds. The 8 kWh battery will recharge in four hours from a 220V wall plug (less time if it’s 220V/16A).

In case the rider needs it, the scooter also has BMW’s Torque Control Assist system. This feature works in similar way to BMW’s existing Automatic Stability Control for BMW motorcycles with combustion engines; it limits the motor’s torque depending on the slip at the rear wheel.

Like other existing electric motorcycles, the C Evolution has energy conserving technology that recharges the batteries when you’re braking, or even when you’re coasting with the throttle closed, offering a feel similar to engine braking. That means the scoot will get better range in stop-and go city traffic than on the highway.

The scooter also conserves battery power through use of its four ride modes. Road mode, offers maximum acceleration and approximately 50 per cent energy regeneration when coasting and full regeneration when braking. Eco Pro mode, restricts acceleration, and consequently, energy consumption, while the maximum possible amount of energy is recuperated. Sail mode suppresses energy recuperation while coasting, allowing the scooter to glide along without the recuperative system’s engine braking effect. Dynamic mode combines full accelerating power with a high degree of recuperation.

The scooter meets the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety and the ECE R100 safety standard developed by electric car makers. It also has ABS and disc brakes all around.

So far, we don’t have a Canadian arrival date or MSRP for the C Evolution.


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