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So, for a while now, we’ve been telling you about Paul Teutul Sr.’s jump back into reality TV – the walrus-mustached took his chopper-building antics to the CMT channel, where we suspect he’s now building Nudie suit-themed bikes to display at the Grand Ole Opry.

But what about his son, Paul Jr.? Apparently, he’s also landed on his feet, and is now building choppers for a video game company. Yeah, you heard that right.

Paul Jr. is now working on a YouTube reality show that features two different teams building themed choppers behind the “warring factions” in Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft series of games. Instead of Craftsman-themed bikes with wrenches for footpegs, Paul Jr.’s new projects are designed to advertise the bloodthirsty orcs and war-hungry crusaders of Warcraft. You can watch a YouTube clip below, if you need more details (hopefully you don’t).

Be ready for intelligent building choices like “Bones would be a good addition to this.” Hey, if you bolt enough crap on your bike, nobody will notice that it can’t handle, and it helps justify that massively overbored V-twin you slap in there – after all, you need the cubic inches just to haul all that extra weight around, right?

Day of the Grom

For years, the Ruckus reigned as Honda’s top oddball machine, being pressed into service as a donor for all manner of wacky customs, or even as a cross-country tourer, but now it looks like it might be dethroned by the Honda Grom. And because it was a inevitable, here’s the obligatory Tail of the Dragon video featuring the 125 cc hooligan bike, with shockingly bad lane integrity, and the expected crash at the end.

Crime, meet punishment

Bolivian bike security. Photo: Facebook
Bolivian bike security. Photo: Facebook

Know what really bugs most motorcyclists? Bike theft, that’s what. So, a bunch of ripped-off and angry Bolivians took matters into their own hands and fed some suspected bike thieves to … a tree full of bugs – fire ants, to be specific.

The episode began when a group of villagers got their hands on two young men they suspected of stealing three motorcycles. They wanted their families to pay up for the suspected crime, so they held them hostage by tying them to a tree full of fire ants – with predictable results.

It took three days for the suspects’ families to come up with the money for the bikes, and the alleged bad guys were lucky they didn’t take any longer. At the end of their ordeal, both men were hospitalized, one with kidney failure and the other in intensive care, after being bitten and stungnby the ants. The question is, if the vigilantes had let them die, would they have been charged with … insecticide?

Source: Daily Mail

Big twin beverages

Just the thing for the May long weekend.
Just the thing for the May long weekend.

Don’t you hate it when, in the middle of a ride, you find yourself needing a cold, refreshing beverage, and there are none available? Well, if you ride a Harley-Davidson touring bike, that won’t be a problem any longer.

Harley-Davidson has a cooler that’s designed to fit inside their hard saddlebags; it’s a drop-in fit for bikes dating all the way back to 1993. You’d think there would be concerns about drinking and riding, but with so many dentists and accountants on Harley-Davidsons these days, they’re more likely to end up spilling Diet Pepsi all over their HOG vests.

Source: Cyril Huze

Big twin bonehead

Speaking of V-twin silliness, how about this guy? Apparently, riding shirtless while wearing a fanny pack is the best way to look cool while dumping your bike in front of a crowd at walking speed.

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