Polaris sees huge increase in motorcycle sales in first quarter

Serving or retired military members can get $1000 off a new Indian under their Honoring Heroes program.

It’s looking like Polaris’s revival of the Indian brand was a pretty smart move.

Polaris has released their sale reports for the first quarter of 2014, and they’ve seen a huge increase. They sold 78,867 motorcycles in Q1, between the Indian and Victory brands. That’s up 52 per cent from last year, when Polaris only had Victory in Q1 and they sold 51,797 motorcycles.

Obviously, the acquisition of Indian played a huge part in that sales jump. Still, those are good numbers, considering they launched the brand with three all-new bikes with no established street cred, while facing stiff competition from Harley-Davidson’s revised Project Rushmore machines. If rumours of new liquid-cooled Victory motorcycles on the way are true, it will be interesting to see where those bikes take Polaris on the sales charts.


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