Dawn 2 Dusk 2014 – more details!


We’re getting the ball rolling on the 2014 Dawn 2 Dusk rally; there are some changes this year, but they should work to make an even better rally for 2014.

First up, we’ve had a lot of requests to let bigger bikes run the rally. It’s been a bit of a tough decision, as the whole quarter-liter challenge was a big part of the rally’s raison d’être in the first place. However, we had a few bigger bikes come along last year, and everybody still had fun, so for 2014, the rally will be open to bikes up to 500 cc. We’re still going to make this an event that you can rock on a 250, though, so the roads will be chosen with that in mind. This won’t be a leisurely cruise down a straight four-laner with your feet up on the highway pegs.

Speaking of the roads – we’re going to follow a similar route to the 2012 edition, that skirted the Fundy Coast and headed up and down the St. John and Kennebecasis rivers. That means you can expect cable ferries and great scenery on top of the riding. We’ll be starting and ending in the Moncton area.

We’ve run the rally in September the past three years, but the 2014 rally will take place on August 9. This earlier date should allow us a little more daylight to ride in, and hopefully we won’t have to worry about frost, like we did last year – although with this current Canadian weather, where spring feels a whole lot like winter, may mean we might never escape the threat of snow again …

We’re trying to get the features out as early as possible this year, so we’re working hard on the routing and other details. We’ll update you with more information when we can!

You can follow the updates for this rally and our other events at www.canadamotorallies.com.


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