AltRider brings out new KTM 1190 Adventure R parts


AltRider is working on a new line of aftermarket armour to help protect your KTM 1190 Adventure R through rough off-roading (or to help you look cool when parked at Starbucks).

They’re introducing a new aluminum skid plate that bolts on with factory mounting points, and is compatible with KTM’s factory crash bars. It will be available in black or silver finishes, and comes with stainless steel mounting hardware. There are specific versions for the 2013 or 2014 models, as apparently there was a change in the engine mount system that made some reconfiguration necessary. It won’t not cheap, at $395 US, but then the 1190s aren’t cheap either, and it makes sense to protect your machine.

Find out more about the skid plate and other 1190 accessories under development at AltRider’s website here, or read Costa’s review of the 1190 Adventure R here.

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