Video: Canadian rider robbed in Guatemala


So, Canadian moto-traveler Dan Lands and his British girlfriend were out for a jaunt on their KLR650 along a back road in Guatemala when things went bad, thanks to a couple local crims.

The bandits stopped the bike by positioning a crook with a pistol in front to grab their attention; then, an accomplice came from the woods with a machete to rob them. The whole thing was captured on Lands’s helmet-mounted Contour action camera.

Watch the video below for the whole story, but basically, it plays out very similar to Warren Milner’s story we told you back in 2013 – minus the bullet holes of course, and Lands and his gal pal did have a few things lifted (the bandits took her rings, and some electronics and cash and a fake wallet from his tank bag) but they had left most of their valuables back at the hotel and didn’t lose them.

It’s worth noting that they let him keep the motorcycle, a Kawasaki KLR650. That should have been their first sign that this robbery probably wouldn’t be too lucrative – after all, the stereotypical KLR rider encircles the world with a milk crate or Rubbermaid container as their “aftermarket” luggage.

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