CMG’s First 2014 Long-Term Test Bike Arrives


Photo: Richard Seck

The Suzuki GW250 was actually Mr. Seck’s long-term bike of choice for the 2013 riding season, but delays in the bike’s arrival saw him on board Suzuki’s TU250 last year.

Since picking the GW up at Suzuki Canada he has managed to log a few break in miles and seems quite chuffed about the new bike:

I’m impressed, as suspected the GW is a much more sophisticated ride compared to the TU250. The suspension soaks up the pot-holed Toronto roads considerably better and the engine is a gem; it has a nice linear pull from the bottom up and is silky smooth.

Comfort two-up is also great around town.

Fatima and I are looking forward to getting through the break in period and going further afield, so look forward to more updates on our long-term test bike blog.

Cheers, Mr. Seck


  1. Hey Brian, I’ll try to get the first update out as soon as possible. If you’re really in a hurry to find more about the bike, shoot me a note at and tell me what your requirements are for your first bike and I’ll let you know if the GW may work for you, based on my initial impressions.

    Cheers, Richard

  2. Hey Brian,

    Now that it’s warming up again (it snowed just after I got the bike, sigh…) I’ll be logging more of the break in miles and we hope to be getting some of factory accessories bolted on at the 1000km service. Just after that’s done, I’ll be giving my first impressions.

    Stay tuned!

    Cheers, Richard

    • Hey Richard, i’m waiting with bated breath. There’s another chance of snow here overnight, it’s getting ridiculous.
      I love your write-ups and the GW250 is on my short list of potential “first bike” purchase, which is why i’m so anxious to get one of your honest, real world reviews. I’ll continue checking back everyday.


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