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Parking lot hero

We’re not even sure what you’d call this stunt, but this guy definitely deserves a job as a parking valet at a swanky restaurant. Somehow, we doubt he’d keep his job long, though, despite his obvious skills.

Soccer scoot

An Italian fan shows a lacklustre goal celebration - looks like he won't be a contender to win Hallett's challenge. Photo: Facebook
An Italian fan shows a lacklustre goal celebration – looks like he won’t be a contender to win Hallet’s challenge. Photo: Facebook

People will do all sorts of crazy things for their love of sports. Take Chris Hallet, from London (in the UK, not in Ontario). Hallet’s decided to quit his job for an epic trip to watch the World Cup of Soccer in Brazil. But he’s not flying. Oh no, that would be too easy. Instead, he’s taking his Vespa.

Hallet and his Vespa (complete with sidecar) will end up covering 15,000 miles by the time his trip is complete, visiting the US and much of South America. He’s trying to raise money for UNICEF along the way, and take in a few soccer matches on his way down. As part of his journey, he’s challenging people along the way to penalty kicks against him (the Vespa forms one of the goalposts of his net). Then, he puts photos of their goal celebrations on his site, where visitors will be able to vote which country has the best celebrations. You can read more about his wacky travels here.

Source: Daily Mail

A Mess of things

Speaking of sports, twenty years ago, Mark Messier guaranteed his team (the New York Rangers) would win an important playoff game. Now, he’s guaranteeing you’ll enjoy riding a Can-Am Spyder. At least he isn’t betting that we can’t buy just one.

V-twin madness

See! We didn't make this up! Photo: eBay
See! We didn’t make this up! Photo: eBay

What can we say about the Prius? Not much, really. It’s a sad day when humanity flocks towards an expensive car for fuel savings, when a cheap CBR250 will outperform it on the street, and in gas savings.

One owner had the right idea, though, and took matters into his own hands, with the results showing up on eBay recently. Instead of a wimpy hybrid powertrain, this guy had a Harley-Davidson motor dropped in. The eBay seller, named spank226, apparently built this car to race in the 24 Hours of LeMons event in the US, using a motor from an ’86 883 Sportster that was big-bored to 1100 cc. Their team was called Hells Treehuggers. I am not making this up.

The auction is over now, but the car failed to meet reserve bid, so if you really want to purchase this hacked-up hybrid, you probably still have the opportunity to do so. But beware! The ad says “Ebay says I’m supposed to “Describe any defects, missing parts, scratches, or wear and tear also described in your item description.” Uh, there’s a lot. … While the title and the donor car itself are 100% clean and (despite appearances) there’s no previous accident for this car, consider it a total POS. That about sums it up.”

It does go on to state the car is registered and legal for the street, though – “you could drive this bad-boy to work if you’ve got the jewels.”

Swing time

Ever seen a rope swing combined with a motorcycle? Watch the clip below. This is what happens when you combine motorcycles and moonshine.


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