Colin Edwards announces retirement


MotoGP racer Colin Edwards has announced his plans to retire at the end of this season.

The 40-year-old rider has been racing professionally for 22 years, and seen many changes come and go, but now he’s ready to pack it in, although he’s going to finish this season.

“In testing this year I could see that I need to change my riding style and it is against my instinct to ride differently so that has had an affect,” he said. “I want to spend more time with my wife and my children and of course I want to say thanks to Yamaha and everyone who has helped me in my career.”

Edwards, aka the Texas Tornado, entered MotoGP in 2003, entering the series as World Superbike champion. He never achieved that level of success in MotoGP, but he did manage 12 podiums over his career. He’s languished on non-competitive bikes for a while, spending time in CRT purgatory.

Here’s a couple videos of Edwards. The first is his impressive save at Jerez in 2008, the second is a piece Yamaha put together in 2011 celebrating 50 years of racing, featuring Edwards, some other roadracing all-stars, and Edwards’ best pal Fabio. Oh yeah, and polyester and short shorts. And a disco suit.


  1. “He’s languished on non-competitive bikes for a while, spending time in CRT purgatory.”

    To be perfectly blunt, Edwards saw the truth in the future of CRT/Open bikes and was the very first of the big guns to sign up for such a ride. It showed both a serious understanding of where the sport needs to go to remain economically viable while also showing that the guy has some pretty serious fortitude. He wholly signed up to dive into uncharted waters.

    Whether people like it or not, a MotoGP with spec ECUs, spec software and spec tires is the future. Colin was an old dawg that embraced new tricks and paved the way for the rest of the field to do the same.

    I will sorely miss his banter in the paddock. Few riders cut to the chase with the wit and zeal that he does. The sport will be much, much poorer without him.

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