Bimota squeaks into WSBK

Want Bimota? The change in ownership might slow down production of their new machines, giving you a few extra month to save up the dough.

Like any other roadracing series, it’s a little tricky getting into World Superbike – you can’t just pay and play. You have to meet certain homologation rules.

However, WSBK officials are apparently going to let Bimota join the circus without meeting those rules, at least not yet. Earlier this week, officials from FIM and WSBK apparently visited the Bimota factory to inspect their manufacturing process and their business records. After talking to officials about sales projections and collecting parts to examine for technical inspection, they seem to be satisfied with the way things area headed.

As a result, Bimota will be able to run their bike in the EVO class of the FIM Superbike World Championship with Francis Batta’s Alstare Team, under some special clause in the rules. They won’t be able to earn points until the first 125 units are produced, within four months. Then FIM and WSBK bigwigs will visit the factory again and give Bimota the thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

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