GFTY: Frogg Toggs Toadskinz Rain Pants

Frogg toggs makes motorcycle-specific suits as well as generic rainsuits that you can find anywhere.

If you start searching for rain gear online it won’t take you too long to come across Frogg Toggs. Since 1996 they have been making cost-effective rain gear and their current line covers just about every outdoor activity you can imagine, motorcycling included.

For the 2013 riding season Fatima and I both decided to try a pair of Toadskinz pants. These are one of the more expensive offerings in the Frogg Toggs line up, yet they are competitively priced when compared to the higher end offerings in the marketplace; around $100, taxes in. Not bad if they work, and we were keen to find out!

As you may have noted in the review of Fatima’s Olympia Airglide Suit, which has a waterproof liner, these Toadskinz pants and our rain jackets (that will be reviewed shortly) were integral to ensuring our riding comfort for the whole season.

Here's Fatima's complete rain kit. Even though the Toadskinz pants are far from stylish, somehow she still looks great in them.
Here’s Fatima’s complete rain kit. Even though the Toadskinz pants are far from stylish, somehow she still looks great in them.

“Why over-suit rain pants when Fatima had a waterproof liner in her mesh suit?”

Two reasons:

1. During the hot months of summer, who wants to shed their riding pants by the side of road and struggle to install a waterproof liner while the clouds are getting ready to unleash their wetness? Not us.

2. Even if you do this, you’ll be wearing a soggy pair of pants the next day as the outer layer of your mesh pants (or vented pants) will be exposed to the rain and it will get soaked. No fun. Assistant Editor Zac will certainly back us up on this one.

The other bonus of having the breathable rain pants (and they did prove to be breathable) is that they add an extra layer of wind protection in the cooler months of the riding season, and you’re prepared if the weather changes and it starts to rain.

So Did The Plan Work?

In short, yes, but there are a few niggles with the pants.

Before I get into the niggly bits, it’s important to know that these pants work! They kept us both dry throughout the riding season and I rode one day through monsoon-like conditions without an issue.

Additionally, they come equipped with reflective piping down the outside of the leg leading to a big strip of reflective material, from the knee down. Definitely good for visibility when the weather turns crappy (or pissy, to be more accurate).

Finally, as expected, this additional Toadskinz layer outside our pants helped keep us warmer later in the season when the tempurature dropped.

Long zips that extend from the knee down mean you don't have to take off your boots to get the Toadskinz on. Just try not to be a hurry when putting on the pants...
Long zips that extend from the knee down mean you don’t have to take off your boots to get the Toadskinz on. Just try not to be a hurry when putting on the pants…

Now back to the niggles. To begin with, no one is going to score points in a beauty contest wearing these things; their baggy form is purely designed for function. That said, they function well for what they are designed to do. With long lower zips that extend to the knees and even zips on the hips, it’s super-easy to install these pants without shedding your boots – a definite plus point when you are trying to do this in a hurry.

The only fly in the ointment so far with regard to putting the Toadskinz pants on is the rather thin mesh-like material that is bonded to the inside of the waterproof skin. I managed to tear a large chunk of it off when quickly pulling the pants on roadside. This is no biggy however as this liner is simply designed to make the pants more comfortable if you are wearing them next to your skin. Tearing a chunk off had no effect on the waterproof-ability of the pants.

We did manage to do some damage to one pair of the pants over the course of a season of use, but we're still feel they are good value. Repaired boot strap and damaged mesh liner shown.
We did manage to do some damage to one pair of the pants over the course of a season of use, but we’re still feel they are good value. Repaired boot strap and damaged mesh liner shown.

Given the motorcycle application of the Toadskinz pants, Frogg Toggs may want to consider making this liner a bit more durable, but I suppose this would increase the price. The other option would be to ditch it altogether as the who wears motorcycle rain pants next to their skin?

One more weak point is the elasticized strap that loops around the bottom of your boots and keeps the pants from riding upwards. I suppose if you were more careful than me and placed it properly in front of the heel of your boot where it would not grind into the pavement when you walked, chances are you won’t wear through it like I did. Again, not a deal-breaker as you can likely buy the same strap material and snaps from your local fabric store and fabricate another one in a jiffy.

Final Word

The Frogg Toggs ToadSkinz pants have a few minor issues but most importantly, they work. They aren’t particularly stylish, but I’ve yet to find a pair of rain pants that are. If you are looking for rain pants that will do the job for a reasonable price, the Frogg Toggs Toadskins could be exactly what you are looking for.

Enjoy the ride.

Cheers, Mr. Seck


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  1. Just catching up on some reviews for rain gear before heading out for a new season. I currently own a set of Frogg Toggs Road toads(just figured that out by going to their site). Love the jacket but the pants have let me down. On a couple of occasions where I have spend a few hours in the rain, my butt looks like I wet myself. Perhaps moving up to toadskinz will help keep me dry. My brother swears by a set of Teknic raingear he got recently but all checks through the internet came out empty. There are lots of reviews but anyone that sells them are out of stock or not available. The company that is on the label is out of business. Also I’m glad you review your raingear by riding in the rain with them. I got quite a chuckle out of some testers getting sprayed by the garden hose and claiming their suits will keep you dry. Only a few hours in the pouring rain will prove a rainsuit to be worthy. Thanks

  2. I have had the Road Toggs for two seasons now. They are a great product and perform as advertised. For an extra $10.00 , the salesman sold me an ‘add-on’ patch to protect the pants from the hot pipes

  3. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback!

    This is for johnson as he was wondering how well the Frogg Toggs would mix with a hot pipe. This the response I received from William M. (Will) Fowler, Director of Marketing, when asked I asked him the question:

    “They will withstand occasional incidental contact with hot pipes, but a sustained contact would give leave you with hardened material in the contact area form the melted poly fibers and long-term contact would likely result in a hole melted into the fabric.”

    Cheers, Richard

  4. I’ve put about 10000k on a pair of Frogg Toggs – the Horny Toadz model( yup, that’s what they’re called) and I swear by them. It seems every time we plan our 10-day spring road trips you can count on rain being a big part of it. The Froggs are lightweight and because I have the fluorescent yellow jacket, highly visible – another big benefit. Agreed that roadside pant donning can be a bit tricky, but I’ve never found anything that keeps you dry very easy to get on…especially if you wait till it starts to rain, like we always seem to do. The quick-dry aspect is also great with these, always dry by morning if hung up properly. As others stated, great wind protection too. I find I can wear a lighter jacket, put the Froggs over top and I’m good to go all day…if it warms up, I just roll them up and tuck them away…as stated, they fold up really small. Mine are 4 seasons old and are showing little signs of wear. Oh, and you can wash them on gentle in the machine, just hang to dry. great product/ great value.

  5. I have the Road Toad jacket and pants. Paid $120 for the kit at Royal Dist. last fall. I really really like them. Yes, they are a little thin, the outer material is fuzzing a little, and during an all day 600km ride in heavy rain, my cold weather riding suit under the Frogz become damp as moisture started getting past the “waterproof” barrier, but on the 2nd day of heavy rain it was no worse. Despite near zero temps it wasn’t the most uncomfortable I had ever been. They roll up real small and stuff easily into saddlebags and top boxes, dry fast and the elastics around the waist and wrists are tight without being overly annoying. The neck is high to get above your outer jacket, and sinches tight, but feels bulky because of the hood. As stated above, an extra layer when it’s cold helps and I often use it for that as the wrist, waist and neck hold tight to keep cool winds out also.

  6. Good point about keeping your hands dry. I’ve just purchased some VR-Pro (battery) Heated Gloves. They are supposed to be waterproof and do have a Hypora lining. Then again virtually every pair of gloves I’ve tried that have claimed to be waterproof – have not been… least not for more than a few minutes riding out in hard-driving rain. The VR-Pros have been outstanding so far. Unfortunately, they are incredibly expensive too ($400 CND with tax). But they offer better movement than any other warm riding glove I’ve used. Their design is unique. And they allow you to manipulate the controls easier than wearing thick winter gloves. And as they wear-in – the control and fit seems to be improving to the point where I feel they could be used all year round.

  7. The Klim gear is great stuff (we’ll be reviewing some of their gear shortly) but you are right, it certainly isn’t cheap. The Latitude Misano suit looks like a nice piece of kit but I’ve given up on non-mesh suits in order to be comfortable in the summer.

    There is another reason we went for the multilayer set up, specifically for the jacket, as it helps in keeping our hands dry. Unless you wear Aerostich Lobster gloves, the rain will run down into your waterproof gauntlets at a stop. The over the jacket rain suit allows you to put the its sleeves over your gauntlets thus ensuring happy hands in a downpour. I’ll expand a bit more on this in our upcoming Klim Stowaway and Harley FXRG rain jacket reviews.

    One last point with regard to the thinness of the Frogg Toggs pants, this helps to minimize the amount of room that they take up in your baggage which is a plus point in my books.

    In the end choosing riding gear is often more difficult than choosing the right bike. When you get something that works perfectly for your needs it’s a beautiful thing though.

    Cheers, Richard

  8. Hey johnson,

    I’m glad you found the review useful. The pants are said to be constructed of an “all new hybrid ToadSkinz™ Pant fabric”. I can’t see anything on the website about it being melt-proof so best keep it away from the pipe to be on the safe side.

    If I get any more info from the manufacturer, I’ll let you know.

    Enjoy a nice dry summer with the new pants. 🙂

    Cheers, Richard

    • I have the Frogg Toggs Road Toadz rain pants and jacket. I tend to agree with the comments from the reviewer. They work and will keep you dry. However, they also feel very thin, and don’t seem very durable to me. Granted – they are cheap – so you get what you pay for. Having said that – I will be ordering a Klim Latitude Misano Jacket and pants. Both are waterproof. Collectively – they will come to $1100. But I don’t mind paying for quality and it will be worth it to me to not have to be bothered by putting on and taking off the Road Toadz frequently when touring.

  9. You know I’ve seen these around quite a bit and always wondered if they lived up to their reputation. Mr Seck your finely worded review of the product has me convinced. Thanks.

    Although do not brush up against a pipe with them…I’ve seen them melt pretty quick but those could have been earlier models.

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