Video: Lucky survivor shares crash video

Here’s a scary crash video from Jack Sanderson, a man from the UK who was using a little more throttle than he should have been (or maybe he just wasn’t paying attention).

Sanderson crashed his Kawasaki 600 hard on the Cat and Fiddle Road between the English towns of Buxton and Macclesfield; he was avoiding a car after drifting into the wrong lane. He survived the smash, rolling down a 40-foot embankment before coming to a stop. Unbelievably, he walked away from the crash without major injuries.

He’s posted his video to the Internet in an attempt to drill some sense into other riders who may be pushing their bikes past their skill limit.


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!! That’s one lucky s.o.b. There were fence posts and sections of stone fence that he missed.
    It’s a good reminder not to ride beyond your abilities on the road.

  2. It seemed like he didn’t so much as ” drift into the other lane” as simply drive into the other lane! Possibly he was a little nervous being on the edge and as soon as he saw the oncoming car he target fixated ?

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