New Roadcrafter from Aerostich


Aerostich has once again updated their Roadcrafter lineup. Starting this year, they’ll be selling a new one-piece suit called the R-3.

The R-3 gets its name because it’s the third generation of the Roadcrafter one-piece suit. It’s unlined – it gets its waterproofing from the military-spec 500D Cordura Gore-Tex fabric used in its construction. Aerostich says they’re the only company making civilian gear with this material.

Aerostich reinforced the elbows, shoulders and knees and seat in the suit with extra material, with TF armour pads in the elbows, shoulders and knees. Hip, spine and chest armour is optional. It takes longer to manufacture the new R-3 than it did for previous suits, but the company says it’s worth it, as the new design allows much more comfort and protection.

There are several vents in the R-3, so riders should be able to stay cool in the heat. A full-length zipper allows riders to get in and out of the suit very quickly.

For more details, visit Aerostich’s website – there’s a lot of bells and whistles we haven’t listed. Pricing starts at $1067 US, but in the experience of CMG test pilots, that’s likely money very well spent – read reviews here, here, here and here.


  1. It’s been seven years since this article was first published but I finally bought an Aerostich R3 so I can report back. It’s still the current model. They are pricey and even more so with shipping, duty, taxes and exchange to get to Canada but it’s worth it. I ride a lot more now as they predicted. It is waterproof including the zippers although if you ride in a downpour long enough, rain runs down your neck and will get your shirt a bit wet.

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