New app helps you find motorcycle parking


I love parking my motorcycle in the city, but I hate it too.

I love parking the bike, because it’s so much easier to shoehorn it into a cramped corner than it is to park my Jeep, and if I’m clever, I can avoid paying to park. I hate parking the bike because, at least when I’m in a strange city, I have no idea how the local po-po will react to my sometimes unorthodox parking spots. Sometimes, the fuzz doesn’t like to see your dual sport sitting in a bicycle rack with a bunch of pedal bikes.

A new smartphone app is supposed to take some of the guesswork out of parking for motorcyclists. Called CurbNinja, this app lets motorcyclists upload their favourite parking spots into the app, and even upload a photo. Other users can then search for parking spots either by proximity, or by a street address, hopefully allowing them to avoid having their bike pushed over, or getting a ticket, or worst of all, getting towed.

You can search for both free or paid spots with the app.

The CurbNinja app is free on the Google Play and Apple stores.


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