Michael Dunlop enters Lightweight TT

Supposedly, Dunlop will be wearing Photo: TT Legends

Michael Dunlop won four races at the Isle of Man last year, but that’s not enough to keep him happy. He’s aiming for six victories this year, after entering the Lightweight TT.

Over the weekend, Dunlop announced that he’s got even more ambitious plans for this year’s races; along with his hopes to set a new supersport speed record, he’s also hoping to win six races – one more than Ian Hutchinson took in 2010. He’s entering the Lightweight TT to make that possible.

Apparently, Dunlop will be riding a race-prepped Kawasaki ER6.

“It is fair to say that I haven’t really given the Lightweight Race my full attention in the past, but this year we are going all out to win this race and try and make it six wins from six starts,” Dunlop said. “It’s a massive target, but that is what we go racing for.”

He’s starting from the #6 position; apparently, Guy Martin is starting in #4, entering the Lighweight Supertwin race for the first time. Ivan Lintin and James Hillier start in first and second respectively, with Ryan Farquhar in third position.

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