Garmin releases new Zumo 590LM


Garmin continues to develop their Zūmo GPS lineup for motorcycles with the new 590LM, that’s built to help riders navigate more easily.

The Zūmo 590LM has Garmin’s Real Directions system. Instead of forcing you to keep one eye open for hard-to-spot street names, the Real Directions system helps you navigate using landmarks, stop signs and traffic lights. It also has Active Lane Guidance, a system that’s intended to help you stay in the correct lane while navigating exits and intersections.

Some of that isn’t especially cutting-edge stuff, but the GPS also has Garmin’s Curvy Roads function, which lets you select the twistiest route to get from A to B – a function that should appeal to most riders.

Like any good, modern GPS, the Zūmo 590LM is Bluetooth-enabled, letting you connect it to a compatible smartphone or helmet headset. Users can take advantage of this system to call points of interest along the GPS route.

The Zūmo 590LM can also display weather and traffic information through the Smartphone Link app, letting users navigate their way around rainstorms or gridlock. It’s also compatible with iPods and includes a built-in MP3 player, so you can listen to your jam while you’re riding. It’s compatible with Garmin’s tire pressure monitoring system and their new VIRB HD video camera. There’s a digital fuel gauge, to let you know how much range your bike has left, and the GPS also has a service history log that lets you remember when it’s time to change your oil

The new Zūmo 590LM isn’t cheap; it has an $800 MSRP in the US. Find out more details at


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