Video: Riding the ice


We hear that in other parts of Canada, people are wandering around outside in sweatshirts, or even T-shirts on the west coast, but that isn’t the case in the Maritimes. It seems winter is here to stay, for good.

All this cabin fever has left us at wit’s end, looking for an end to our exile from two wheels … which has naturally led us to these videos featuring everything from supermotos to superbikes on the ice, with some pretty awesome lean angles in some cases. Seems we aren’t the only ones who have gone stir crazy this winter. Can anyone price up a set of ice studs for us?

By the way, it seems almost all these videos are from the US or Europe. What’s up with that? Have Canadians believed the insurance companies’ line that motorcycles should be stored away in your shed, November through April? Check out the last video, where some people were so desperate to go ice riding they rented a rink in South Carolina …


    • Agreed. It is somewhat inspiring.

      Cold temps aside, I have no idea why this stuff isn’t way more popular in Canada.

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