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Crook cashes in


So, if you were a motorcycle dealership filming a commercial, who would you pick? Maybe a bunch of attractive young people, or a grizzled veteran of the road, blazing a two-wheeled trail towards freedom?

An Israeli dealership went with a different approach. They hired a bank robber.

But, they didn’t just hire any bank robber: They signed Rony Leibovitz, the original motorcycle bandit, who went on a bank-robbing spree in the 1990s, riding his Moto Guzzi away from the scene of the crime, then stashing it in the back of a van and driving away (just like that movie with Ryan Gosling, where he rode a two-stroke DRZ-400SM).

Leibovitz stole a pile of money during his streak of 21 heists, but apparently never spent any of it – he gave it back to the cops who caught him, and served eight years in jail. Now he lectures on prison survival, and, apparently, stars in motorcycle commercials. So, maybe crime does pay – it just takes a long time for that payday to catch up, especially if you don’t spend your loot.

Source: Times of Israel

Hard headed

How tough is your Arai helmet, really? Find out below.

Canine in control

Apparently, some guy in Colombia has taught his dog to ride his motorcycle. No, we’re not making this up. You can check out the fuzzy video below, and also see here, here and here.

Source: Jalopnik

Gamer gone wild

Does this look like a good reason to destroy a motorcycle?
Does this look like a good reason to destroy a motorcycle?

Hey, parents – do you hate when your kids spend all day playing mind-rotting video games (unless it’s 1985’s Excitebike, of course – as seen here!).

Apparently, a step-dad in St. George, Utah, got sick of watching his stepson play on his XBox all day, so he turned the machine off. Bad move. The out-of-control 19-year old went out to the garage and attacked his dad’s $40,000 Harley-Davidson with a knife. Deciding that wasn’t enough, he kicked it over and drove his car over the bike.

Supposedly, the kid was off his meds. Maybe someone should have told him that you never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s office …

Source: St. George News

Muscle bike

Perhaps this is where the Red Baron should have channeled his aggressive tendencies – he might have lived longer had he been piloting this machine – as long as he didn’t push it too hard in the corners.


  1. Doggie Driver –
    Wait til he sees a squirrel !
    Seemed like a good idea at the time ..
    What possibly could go wrong ? ha ha

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