How to watch Moto GP in Canada

With Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa both out due to shoulder injuries, Marc Marquez had an opportunity to take the MotoGP series lead on the weekend. Photo: MotoGP

With Moto GP kicking off the 2014 season tomorrow we thought we should try to find out what options Canadians now have to watch the races now that some cable providers no longer offer Speed TV.


First stop was MotoGP themselves and although it took a while to get a reply, all they could suggest is that you sign up for one of their video passes. At 100 Euros for the standard package (about C$155) it comes close to what most would have paid for a cable package when it used to be on there (though I could be off on this as I don’t have cable), though it doesn’t come with the other 52 channels o’ crap either – which could be a good thing.

Anyway, from what we can determine, if you’re cable/satellite company doesn’t carry it anymore then you have three options:

1) Buy the Moto GP package.

2) Wait till Monday and download the torrent (we’ll try to keep the news headline on Monday in non-spoiler mode)

3) Use something like Hola Unblocker to try to catch the races on a foreign online channel, though we don’t know of any to tune into.

Can you get MotoGP in your area or have any other solutions? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. For the last 2 years, I have been using torrents. Over the winter, I came across a Google Chrome Extension called “ZenMate Chrome” which allows you to forget location restrictions. Access ANY website from ANYWHERE:

    So now, I can watch practices, qualifying and races LIVE! I use 2 sites for this.



    I still use torrents, since I want to re-watch the races and the quality is better, but If it’s taking too much time or there is a huge time difference, I will watch them live. n the end, I love having more options!

    Hope this helps. Enjoy!!!

  2. The MotoGP pass is not cheap but it’s excellent coverage and no commercials. Plus you can watch it anytime you want and you can get the app to watch on your tablet which is handy if you’re traveling.

    • Yes, I have heard good things about it but they do not have a media version and I’m not enough of a fan to warrant the cost.

      • Cheapt Yorkshire b*st*rd. It’s worth every penny. Not that there are pennies any more, but you get the drift. I spent three hours watching qualifying today, something I’ve never done before, and it was grrrrreat.

  3. From my understanding the Mozilla or Chrome extension called “Media Hint” is better than Hola UnBlocker. From my understanding started injecting ads and spam into your browser. BT sport is covering MotoGP this year.

    Barring a browsers extension you could sub to a VPN service like ($5/month)

    Personally I subscribe to the MotoGP annual package, streams full HD live or ondemand. Lots of extras during the season and off season. I use my laptop connected to my TV via HDMI, added a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can stay seated.

    They even have a no-spoilers page you can bookmark so you don’t see who won on the main page before you can log in and see the race.

    • Bah not edit function. 🙂 I meant to say was recent post on-line suggest Hola is injecting Ads and spam in the newest version of it’s extensions.

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