New from Honda: The Vultus lives!


You’d be excused if you thought the Vultus was the name of a character from Spider-Man – but it’s not. Nope, the NM14 Vultus is another new motorcycle from Honda, based around their NC750, but it does have its roots in the sequential art scene.

The Vultus has the same liquid-cooled, eight-valve 745cc liquid-cooled parallel twin as found in the NC750, but most of the similarities end there. Honda coloured outside the lines on this one, drawing inspiration from comic books and sci-fi. According to their press release, “The visual creative spark was fired by the futuristic bikes seen in the anime and manga television and film styles.” Later on, they say “The NM4 Vultus, with its LED lights, future-shock style and stealth bomber silhouette presents a look that will not have been seen in any cityscape this side of an anime movie.” Maybe there will be an Akira tie-in sometime?

The Vultus has an 18-inch wheel in front, and a 17-inch wheel on back, and has a DCT instead of a standard gearbox. There’s two lockable storage compartments up front, one with one litre of space, the other with three litres, and optional sidebags will be available. There’s a flip-up pillion seat that can double as a backrest for a solo rider (similar to the BMW R1200C arrangement).

That DCT has three modes – MT gives you manual control (six-speed) while D and S take care of shifting for you. D mode is conservative, respectable and saves you gas. S mode is for sportier action. One of Honda’s little side touches on this machine is a dash that changes colour depending which mode you select.

Other details: Naturally, the machine has EFI. Fuel tank capacity is 11.6 litres. It has a 1645 mm wheelbase, a 650 mm seat height, and a steel frame. Wet weight is 245 kg. The machine has an LED headlight and chain final drive, and, in Europe, dual-channel ABS (320 mm single disc up front with two-piston caliper, 240 mm disc with single-piston caliper in rear).

We don’t have an arrival date for this in Canada; Honda hasn’t told us yet if it’s coming here, or what it would cost if it did arrive.


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  1. All the manufactures are trying to come up with a concept that will sell bikes. And this is way out there and does fill some of the necessaries for today’s youth. Automatic because today kids are to stupid to use a clutch. Lots of plastic to cover everything technical.
    Personally I think it looks cool …at least in the pictures.
    Unfortunately it will fail and Honda still doesn’t realize why…… That will be PRICE… Motorcycles are way over priced for what you get. In most cases you can buy a new car for the price of a motorcycle. Motorcycle prices should be 1/2 what they are trying to sell them for. Face it , there is a lot more effort, engineering and material producing a car.
    This bike needs to be priced at less than 8k

  2. Radical, dude! I know it doesn’t look or sound like a Hardly, but I guess that’s the idea. I’m sure many people still miss the rotary-dial phone and the flat earth idea, but Honda has always been avant-gardiste or innovative to the extreme. I say, bring it on! At least my grandson might find it so cool that he could stop texting long enough for me to take him for a ride.

  3. Oh look, another motorcycle that Honda wont be able to sell. Can somebody please send a note to Honda, praise them for thinking “way out there”, but make them realize all those kids who grew up watching these funny cartoons, now buy used $2000 Civics, put a $3000 stereo in it and a fart bomb exhaust can.

    • Go out and spin some wrenches on that SR500 in the garage.

      You should see if you can graft an SR400’s EFI on that bad boy! I’d be interested in seeing that project.

    • I have to admit, somewhat shamefacedly, that despite my general dislike of plastic bodywork, I think this motorcycle is so whacky that it just plain works. It really does nail that Akira look.

      Akria motorcycle

    • So I’m not the only one old enough to remember the Strider! Which was an incredible concept, especially for that day. Too bad it never made it into production. I certainly hope Honda will bring the Vultus to Canada. Wish it had cruise control and shaft drive.

    • It looks like a giant, stinking POS to me!
      I couldn’t EVER see myself buying a MC whose design looks to intentionally discourage wheelies or power slides or any other kind of internal combustion powered fun.
      What is the point of crap like this? Who do they think they will sell it too? It is impractical in 3rd world countries where the growth is and they already sold the 5 or 6 DN-1’s to the people in the developed world who would consider this thing.
      Honda’s mission statement is “The Power of Dreams”. They should take the designer of this pile o’ crap out back of the design shop and beat him with the swingarm from a 1980/81 CB750F until he understands exactly what a motorcycle is supposed to be and why people buy them.

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