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Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Hungry like the wolf

Hunger: Most of us face it every day, usually around 11:30, when breakfast has worn off. But for some people, it’s a far worse problem, and a couple men from Maine aim to do something about it.

Dan Emery and Myles Chung are on a year-long tour of the lower 48 states, tying to raise awareness for hunger. Wow, you say – that sounds like a really long time. And it is, but they’ve got an excuse: They’re both aboard a Honda Ruckus. And they didn’t wimp out and pick up a used 250 cc Big Ruckus, either – they’re aboard the terribly underpowered 49 cc version. And, they’re riding for twelve months, having started in January, so they’re out on the road in plenty of bad weather.

Emery and Chung say they’re trying to raise $1 million, to distribute amongst groups that encourage proper nutrition, particularly through local produce. We suggest they raise a few extra bucks and buy themselves some real two-wheelers while they’re at it.

Interested in learning more? Check ’em out on Facebook here, and view their YouTube trailer below. No, it would not be kind to comment and note the similarity to this scene from Dumb and Dumber.

Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Rushin’ into danger

Ah, those crazy Russians.

Ride to live

Photo: SWNS
Photo: SWNS

Geoff Dickson is a man that’s constantly in trouble with the law because of his ride. But it’s not because he’s driving a motorcycle illegally – it’s just that the cops think he is.

Dickson, who lives in the UK, suffers from a debilitating nervous system disease and had to buy an electric mobility scooter to get around. Not being a total square, Dickson decided to get one that looked cool, and bought one that has a striking resemblance to a low-riding cruiser. That’s good for him, but not the The Man.

Apparently, the po-po in Dickson’s hometown have taken to hassling him when he’s out and about, because they keep thinking he’s riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk. Apparently, they don’t test cops in the UK for their eyesight anymore. Dickson doesn’t seem to get too upset over the unwanted attention, though. He’s even talking about adding some open pipes to his mobility scooter so he can save some lives while he’s out cruising. OK, we might have made that last part up.

Source: Express

Out of the way

Have you ever heard of an aggressive scooter rider? Apparently, there is such a thing, although we’re not sure they exist outside Asia. Watch this woman stand her ground when a car tries to muscle her around in the parking lot. Hey, she’s got a point – at least the car has a reverse gear.

Bad to the bone

Want a bare-bones motorcycle, stripped down to the essentials? Then Reese Moore is your man. He’s just finished his latest skeletal custom, named “Cowasaki.” Take a look at the pic, and you’ll agree that it doesn’t have any unnecessary bodywork.

What’s really weird is that this is basically the 65-year-old man’s day job. He’s been creating these bone sculptures for years, selling them to museums and bars. One even went to a Ripleys Believe It Or Not collection. He’s hoping to get $55,000 for this one, and if you want it, you can check it out at the Dunn’s Attic and Auction House website.

Photo: Dunn's
Photo: Dunn’s


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