Video: The Dirtbags cross America this year


Ever heard of the Dirtbag Challenge? Basically, it’s a chopper build-off in California with an emphasis on keeping budgets low, while building bikes that are more practical than your average show custom.

But this year, they’re taking on an even greater challenge than their $1,000 budget – now, some participants are talking about taking their bikes across America off-road. Yeah, you read that right; just like the greasy hippies in those old bikesploitation films who used to ride their rigid Panheads into the desert to escape the law, these financially challenged motorcycle customizers are planning to take their choppers across the continent in the dirt. And they’re making a documentary out of it.

Fancy the idea of cobbling together a two-wheeled deathtrap and taking this event on yourself? You can find out more about the event here, or watch the trailer below. Hey, at least they’re getting out and doing something, right?

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