Nurburgring is officially sold

Tom Sykes, seen here at the German round, took his seventh superpole of the year. Photo: Facebook

It’s official: The world-famous Nurburgring track in Germany has been sold.

While initial rumours had US investment group HIG Capital as the buyers, when the dust settled, it was German-based Capricorn Development who were the last-minute winners. The price? Supposedly, they paid 77 million euros for the track. They’re not stopping there, either – they plan to invest another 25 million euros in the track.

HIG was said to be offering a lot less for the track (between 60 and 70 million euros), and didn’t seem to have as much interest in re-investing in the facility. Under the new owners (they officially take possession on Jan. 1, 2015), the public will still be allowed to access some of the track area, as long as you can pay to play. For an idea of what kind of fun that means, see the record-setting run below …


  1. If you crash, your contract holds you liable for their lost track time, so be ready to pay. Not to mention that many people get in way over their head; when I was in Germany the guy I rented from brought the remains of a BMW back from the ‘ring for a guy who had rented from him. Three weeks later, the guy was still in Heidelberg medical trauma centre in critical condition.

    • Yeah, I remember you telling us about that last summer at Rob’s. I was going to mention it, but couldn’t remember the particulars.

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