Royal Enfield drops prices


How do you build sales? One of the best ways is to drop prices, and that’s exactly what Royal Enfield is doing in Canada.

Royal Enfield has dropped their pricing on several 2014 models, and brought the Continental GT cafe racer a bit lower than expected. When Alexandra wrote about her impressions of the bike last fall, we figured the MSRP would be under $8,000. Turns out, they’re bringing the bike to Canada with a $6,800 MSRP.

Other bikes in the lineup are cheaper this year, with some seeing their price drop as much as $1,100. Royal Enfield’s bigwigs are saying this is all part of a move to put more of their machines on the road – they’re planning to sell 250,000 bikes globally this year. Check out the rest of their lineup available in Canada and pricing here.


  1. […] Avec la concurrence des constructeurs de motos européens et américains qui tentent de percer le marché de l’Inde, Royal Enfield vise à élargir ses ventes en Inde et à l’extérieur de leur marché d’origine. L’an dernier, la nouvelle Continental GT avait joué un rôle important dans cet objectif. Ils ont aussi fait l’ouverture d’un nouveau centre de production, et le légendaire Pierre Terblanche est venu prêter sa main à la conception. Royal Enfield a aussi fait chuter les prix de leurs motos dans les marchés d’exportation.  […]

  2. I saw a prototype of the GT at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and was pleasantly surprised at the build quality. Let’s hope that production models are similarly well sorted. At that price, I’m seriously interested.

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