LITO to launch SORA electric bike at Montreal show

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LITO has officially started production of their SORA electric motorcycle and will unveil it to the public at the Montreal motorcycle show.

The machines, made in Longueuil, Quebec, have changed a bit since we first heard about them, but the initial concept is the same: They’re a high-end luxury electric superbike. LITO claims the bike is good for 100 kms of highway riding and 200 kms of city riding on a single charge.

The SORA weighs 260 kg, and has 43 mm USD forks up front and an Elka shock in rear. The bike has 17-inch aluminum wheels, with a 120/70 ZR17 tire in front and a 180/55 ZR17 tire in back. The front brakes have dual semi-floating 310 mm petal discs, with radial-mount opposed four-piston calipers. There’s a single 250 mm disc in back, with an opposed two-piston caliper.

The liquid-cooled three-phase AC induction motor makes 90 Nm of torque at the crank, and puts power to the rear wheel through a CVT transmission; the SORA supposedly tops out around 190 kph.

Standard recharge time for the 12 kWh battery is nine hours. The seat height is adjustable from 750 mm to 850 mm. The wheelbase is 1498 mm. The SORA has several advanced electronic features to manage battery power, and an integrated GPS system.

The MSRP will start at $46,399 CAD. Some of that money goes into a costly carbon-fibre fairing and aluminum chassis, but that’s still a lot of dosh for a bike you can’t really leave town on.


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  1. It will go on sale on April 1 presumably—-Got mine pre-ordered but I had to buy two for a hundred thousand (tax-in) so I could ride on the highway for almost 2 hours.

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