Victory unveils Gunner bobber


After a few days of teasing, Victory has unveiled the new-for-2014 Gunner at International Motorcycle Show in Chicago.

While Victory’s previous motorcycles were known more for their size and flash, this bike moves a bit in the other direction; Victory calls it a bobber. While it’s not quite as trim-looking as some other factory bob jobs (Yamaha’s Bolt is gangly in comparison), Victory managed to cut the pork down to a 294-kg dry weight. That’s still heavy for a bobber, but when you’ve got a 1731 cc motor, a few extra pounds isn’t the end of the world.

Overall, the bike’s visuals flow very smoothly – it looks like something you’d expect from Victory. There are no retro touches like fork boots or springer front ends, as you might expect from some of its V-twin competition.

The motor is the same Freedom 106 that’s found in Victory’s other machines, with air/oil cooling, four valves per head, and a six-speed transmission.

Seat height is 635 mm, wheelbase is 1647 mm, and there’s 32 degrees of rake. Ithas a belt drive, and 16-inch wheels front and back. The front tire is a 130/90 B16 67H, and the rear tire is a 140/90 B16 77H.

Victory’s website already shows a list of available accessories including exhaust pipes, windscreens, handlebars and more. The Canadian MSRP is $14,499; more details and photos are available here.


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  1. Polaris is now focusing on Indian. It is fun to see the same marketing people who use to preach for Victory, changing the logo on the shirt and praising for Indian. To keep the cost down, Victory novelties are basically taking the same Freedom 106 engine, eventually with the mapping changed, using the parts bin for the Vegas or Cross series platforms, blacking-out some chrome parts, trimming down the body, changing wheels and tires and the most important thing, coming-up with a new name. Yes, I’m a Victory owner and I love my bike, but I want to see what Polaris will decide for the future of the Victory brand, if the Indian sales will take off.

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