Report: Harley-Davidson will resume Road Glide production

If you own a 2009-2012 Harley-Davidson, check the list to see if you're affected by the recall. Harley-Davidson is recalling more than 17,000 bikes in Canada, and more than 300,000 worldwide.

Back in July, we heard Harley-Davidson was canceling a couple of their Road Glide models (the Custom and the Ultra models). Now, they’re supposed to be bringing them back.

The move in 2013 was part of the plan to introduce the Project Rushmore machines. Now that the liquid-cooled Harley-Davidsons seem to have a foothold in the market, the MoCo seems intent on bringing the Custom and Ultra back. According to Cyril Huze, the company’s chief financial officer said the models would return. He made the comment during their earnings report.

However, there’s no date set for the bikes’ return, and we’re just guessing, but they’ll likely feature liquid-cooled motors, like the new-for-2014 Project Rushmore machines. The problem is that the Road Glides don’t have fairing lowers to hide the radiator and other assorted plumbing – something the MoCo faithful would have previously found unforgiveable.

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