Victory is building a bobber

So – after a few years of building baggers, touring bikes, and standard heavy-duty cruisers, Victory says they’re going to build a bobber.

According to their website, they’re working on a “106ci full-size urban cruiser that outclasses the competition by handling itself as well on the highway as it does downtown.”

Sounds to us like they’ll be taking the 1731 cc motor they use in their other machines, but the real question is, what about the rest of the bike? Will they build an exciting chassis, or will they just cut back some fenders and add a solo seat and mini-apes? Classically speaking, a bobber is just a motorcycle with some weight cut off and the fenders trimmed. Will that be Victory’s approach, or will they take it further?

They’ve given us an official unveiling date (Feb. 8), but there’s no other information about the Victory, except for its name – they’re going to call it the Gunner.


  1. Mr. Wonderful, don’t write Polaris/Victory off quite yet. Their snowmobiles, ATV’s and RUV’s are as good as anyone in the business. They also own KLIM, so there is definitely a grand scheme afoot. Once they get past big, dumb V-twin cruisers watch out…

  2. Here we go again with another Victory that no one will want. They appeared with another bike that nobody wanted last year too. The Judge.Lots of hype and NO substance! I blew the doors off one on my 09 XR1200.They already have the Highball as a bobber. Just what we need another overweight non performance behemoth. I want a KTM 390 DUKE or perhaps a ROYAL-ENFIELD CAFE RACER.

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