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Skid lid

Of course, the limited visibility is probably only an issue if plan to use it on the street, and we're guessing most buyers don't plan on that.
Of course, the limited visibility is probably only an issue if plan to use it on the street, and we’re guessing most buyers don’t plan on that.

So you’re a big-time video game nerd – excuse us, enthusiast – who want to live out your fantasies in real life. How can you best do that?

Your average North American rider takes the Pac-Man approach; they sit down at a table and eat, eat, eat. But some other motorcyclists take things a bit further. That’s why the folks over at Xtreme Kreations have come up with this helmet. Supposedly, it’s designed after a lid from the video game Dead Space.

Most motorcyclists will be quick to spot a major problem: the helmet’s visor has been painted over. Not to worry, though, the creators have perforated the visor with lots of little holes that allow the wearer to see out. That sounds like medieval-level technology to us, but hey, at least they have a plan.

"Quick, Robin! Hand me my Bat-Helmet!"
“Quick, Robin! Hand me my Bat-Helmet!”

If video games aren’t your thing, you could always go for the comic-book look instead, with this brain bucket from Helmet Dawg.

It doesn’t seem to be officially licensed by Batman’s publisher, but who cares? When you’re the only guy in town wearing a Batman helmet, the chicks will be all over you. Buy yours now (only $325) before you end up being the second guy in town to have one, and you miss out on all that action.

One wheel drive

You’ve heard the saying before: Two wheels good, four wheels bad. But where does that leave one-wheeled vehicles?

That’s a question that’s likely puzzling Chris Hoffman, designer of the RYNO, the single-wheeled vehicle you see in the video below. Apparently, the inspiration for the machine came from his 13-year-old daughter, after she saw a similar vehicle in a video game, and asked him to build one. Years later, this brainchild was birthed.

The RYNO is priced around $5,300 in the US. The cost to your self-esteem when you’re seen on an electric unicycle, however, is likely unmeasurable. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. After all, who wants to go faster than 10 mph, anyway?

If you do buy one of these, make sure you don’t store it in the same garage as your motorcycle, just in case the two machines mate and create a three-wheeler hybrid.

Scooter hash

We’re not really sure what to say about the abomination featured in the first video here, except that some rides are better off left stock … much better off.

However, the Ruckus customs seen below are much more interesting and well-done. It would be a lot more easy to take them seriously, though, if they weren’t being ridden by a bunch of gangstas. Seriously, is this what thug life has come to? Tupac would be so ashamed.

As seen in India

In Canada, a stunt show involves a lot of obnoxiously loud music, bikini babes, and riders wearing helmets with stick-on mohawks – and the police discourage it.

In India, it’s the police who put on the stunt show, and the spectators are clapping like a herd of polite cricket match spectators. Maybe they’re just unimpressed because there are only two riders on the motorcycle, balanced on a ladder; in rush hour in Mumbai, you might see five or six guys hanging off a bike as part of their daily commute.

Don’t get us wrong, though – there are some dangerous bike-borne hoons in India. Just watch this clip from Bollywood thriller Dhoom 3 for proof. We’ve got to admit, while the idea of a bike that converts to a jet-ski is kind of lame (towards the vid’s end), we’d be all over a bike that turned into a snowmobile.


  1. Re: Batman helmet
    How did a $190 snowmobile helmet get to be $325 by sticking on some plastic doo-dads ?
    Somebody maikn’ a WHOLE LOTTA MONEY !!!

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