GasGas, Ossa strengthen ties

Back in 2013, we told you GasGas and Ossa were teaming up to save money and make it easier to survive in the current economic crunch. Now, they’re strengthening those ties even further.

Originally, GasGas and Ossa were going to produce their motorcycles at the same Spanish facility to reduce expenses. Now, Bikes in the Fast Lane says the companies are also merging their head offices. The human resources, financial and engineering departments are going to be streamlined and combined, which will hopefully save a few shekels.

GasGas imports motorcycles to Canada through GasGas Pacific, and Ossa signed a new Canadian distributor for Canada in 2013. As of last summer, Carriers Centers in Brantford, Ontario, is now the Canadian Ossa importer and distributor, as well as the Ontario dealer for their machines. Both companies’ bikes are niche machines in the Canadian market (they’re best-known for trials bikes), and we’re not sure if they still import street-legal bikes into Canada.

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