WSBK to offer video streaming, other content

WSB racing fans without a cable subscription might be able to watch their favourite racing online this year instead. Photo: Kawasaki Racing

It seems the World Superbike series will soon be offering video streaming, although details are a bit sketchy at the moment.

On Tuesday, the WSBK website announced a revamp for the 2014 season. Of course, you were much more excited by the CMG revamp, and probably missed that news. However, the upcoming changes look promising.

The most interesting development is a move towards video streaming. WSBK’s site says “The “WSBK VideoPass” will also be available soon, featuring Live* and OnDemand broadcasting of all rounds and exclusive video content.” Sounds good, right? However, the site cautions users that the feature may not be available in your country. Even if it doesn’t come to Canada officially, though, a clever Internet user should be able to figure out how to access it.

Along with the option to watch video, WSBK also says the updated site will “feature much more content, news, videos and photos, always available at our ‘Energy Zone’, to which a subscription is required in order to enjoy it at its fullest.”

That all sounds good too, but the restyled site was almost useless after many rounds last year. WSBK took days to upload photos after races, while MotoGP seemed to load theirs almost instantaneously. If we’re getting more content, but still have a long waiting period for it, fans are going to still be unhappy.


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