Help out KLR650.NET

Help out KLR650.NET with a donation, if you appreciate the site's usefulness.

KLR riders in need of help have been turning to KLR650.NET for years. Want to fix your doohickey? Need to upgrade your front brake? The information is all there, and it’s all free.

The site is in need of funds at the moment, though, and they’re reaching out for help. You can read more about it here. If you’re a KLR rider, then you know you’re stereotyped as being more thrifty than a Scotsman, but we’d recommend you send along some money, as this site has probably been a help to you in the past, and likely will be a help in the future.

KLR650.NET isn’t just trying to raise funds for themselves, either. They’re introducing a new section of their website that allows riders to help other riders in need. Their press release says:

“I would also like to direct your attention to a NEW area of the website, a section titled “Riders Helping Riders”.
This is a special section that is designed to help in a number of areas:
1.  Buddy Program: Meet up with members who are in your local area. Some who may need special assistance, a riding partner due to health concerns, or just for increased safety.
2. Travel Emergencies: In the event that you should break down, this area will allow you to request assistance.
3. General Help: An appropriately titled General Help section to cover everything else.
4. Emergency Contacts: An area to use as a reference to find volunteers who may just show up to help.
Please note, this is for bike and travel related “emergencies”, this is not intended as a substitute for local emergency response.
In the event of a real emergency, please adhere to traditional channels”

So there you have it. Send them some funds, and you’ll not only help KLR650.NET, but they can use the upgraded site to help a lot of other people.

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