CCM GP450: Canadian details

A few months ago, we told you CCM’s exciting new adventure bike is coming to Canada. Now, we have a price tag and some other details for you.

According to Dave McKenzie, sales manager for Motorsports Canada, the CCM GP450 (based around a copy of BMW’s 450 motor) will carry a $12,000 MSRP when it arrives in Canada. Supposedly, we should expect delivery to start in April.

Motorsports Canada plans on having two dealers in every province, except in PEI and Newfoundland – they only get one dealer each. We don’t have a dealer list, but they should be announced soon. If you don’t have a local dealer, McKenzie says  they will ship to small or remote  market areas. So, for all you hosers who said you’d buy this bike when it came to Canada, there’s no excuse.

If you want to see the CCM GP450 in person, you can check it out at the upcoming Vancouver or Toronto motorcycle shows, and it’s possible the machine will make an appearance at the Montreal show as well.


  1. anyone own in Canada yet??? one riding season has pasted since intro…..
    also, what are the names and towns of the dealers??

    • Production started at the end of October so their must not be many if at all GP 450 that reached the country yet . So far their seem to be 8 dealers across the country , 1 in Québec . 3 in Ontario , 1 in Alberta and 3 in British Columbia. Not knowing where you are I wont name them here but you can find them on CCM website ( Don’t know if we are allowed to post such information here ).

  2. If I didnt have a well set up DRZ, I would be having a close look at this bike. Im looking forward to seeing some testing on this model. From what I have seen so far, it looks extremely well put together, and ready to go, as is.

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