BMW Motorrad sets sales record again

The R 1200 GS was BMW's biggest seller for 2013.
The R 1200 GS was BMW’s biggest seller for 2013.

The hits just keep on rollin’ in for BMW Motorrad.

Yesterday, BMW announced they’d set an all-time sales record again – for the third year in a row. The company sold 115,215 bikes worldwide in 2013, up from 2012’s previous all-time high of 106,358 bikes. That’s an 8.3 per cent increase – not bad, considering how some of their competition is still struggling to deal with the collapse of the global economy.

In fact, even though the North American market is supposed to be pretty flat, BMW sold 2,000 more motorcycles in the US in 2013 than in 2012, up 17 per cent to 14,100 bikes sold. The company’s biggest market is still Germany, though, with 21,473 machines sold there in 2013 (up 4.7 per cent from 2012’s 20,516 machines sold).

BMW’s most popular bike in 2013 was the new liquid-cooled R 1200 GS; they sold almost 30,000 of them worldwide. Their next most popular machine, the F 800 GS, sold 10,166 units, and the F 700 GS sold 7,155 units. Clearly, BMW is still focusing on the adventure motorcycle market – if you factor in the sales of their 650s, roughly half of their sales come from adventure machines.


  1. Wow, also hitting the high numbers on the recall list, plus stratospheric pricing equals stellar sales. Oh yeah enough electronics to make a tech’s eyes bleed. Keep polishing that little blue & white medallion.

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