Two Wheels Through The Big Land: Episode 4

Photo: Big Land ADV Films

Sure, it’s rainy or snowy or icy, or all three, outside. But who cares? You can sit inside, on your couch or in your cubicle, and catch up with the adventures of Terry and Peter, as they rip through the wilds on their adventure bikes. Here’s Episode 4 of their YouTube adventure.

If you want to start at the first, Part 1 is here, and here’s Part 2 and Part 3.


  1. Nice work boys, when i was in Goose it was pissing down rain, I took a day in a hotel to warm up and dry out and never got to explore much before i headed south to the island. Actually, it rained hard all the way down,by the time I hit Southern Lab the fog was so heavy I could barely see the road, never mind the sights. I’ve decided I’ll have to make a short trip from Nfld to Lab south coast for a day or two just to see the sights you shown me I missed.

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