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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

The Goon is back

Remember the Professional Goon, from Friday Fudge a few months back? If not, let us refresh your memory with this link.

Here’s another video of Ontario’s finest racer, explaining some modifications to his new bike. Upgrades include orange spray paint, to avoid the bad luck of red paint, and a hacksawed clutch lever, as well as aftermarket muffler bearings, to allow him to drag his elbow in the dirt. Also, he still prefers to junk the stock powerbands, and upgrade to the purple ones.

By the way, it seems the Goon might be inspired by motocross legend Ronnie Mac, as seen below, as well as here, here and here.

Meccano madness

Before Christmas, we said James May (of Top Gear fame) was planning to shoot a Christmas special, in which he rode around the Isle of Man on a sidecar rig made of Meccano. Here, in all it’s glory, is the start of that show, and here are parts two, three and four.

March madness

Those Limeys – they aren’t like other people. Just ask any CMG staffer who’s had to share a hotel room with Editor ‘Arris. This Brit in particular is a bit barmier than most, though. While sissified Canadians were huddled around their TVs, watching Hockey Night in Canada last winter, Ed March rode to the Arctic Circle. On a C90. Oh yeah, and he rode to the Elefant Rally on it too. It puts us donut-sucking Canadians to shame to think most of us can’t even be bothered with a set of motorcycle tire studs once December rolls around. Catch up with Ed March on Facebook here. And here is Hitler’s foul-mouthed response to March’s escapade.

An end to crime

Hey – do you live in a high-crime area? Then you may want to beef up your motorcycle security system. Here’s a video showing a new anti-theft device on the market. Note the featured bike is a re-badged Konker – no wonder the owner puts such an emphasis on security! No other machine has handled the CMG D2D rally with such aplomb!

Airline woes

Randy George Scott
Randy George Scott

Remember Randy George Scott? He’s the guy who police alleged was the rider in the infamous BC speeding video from 2012. He was acquitted in court this fall, but apparently the drama isn’t over.

It turns out Scott had a hankering for some fun in the sun, so he booked himself a flight to Mexico. Sounds good, right? Except the Mexican authorities detained him on arrival (they nabbed him before he even exited the plane) and grilled him about criminal charges, What charges, asked Scott? The Mexicans pantomimed a speeding motorcyclist, and sent him packing back to Canada on the first flight available.

Scott wasn’t to be deterred, though; he hopped on another flight to Mexico, and this time he made it to the immigration gate – where he was again sent back to Canada. Once he got back, the Canadian Border Services Agency informed him his passport has a flag on it, and he’s going to find it difficult to travel anywhere outside the country at this point. So much for his dreams of tackling the Autobahn …

Source: Vancouver Sun


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