Video: 2014 Dakar Rally teaser

Cyril Despres wins again; the fast Frenchman seems to be unstoppable in the desert. Photo: KTM

The racers are getting ready for the 2014 Dakar Rally through South America. This weekend, they’re taking care of scrutineering and last-minute prep work. On Sunday, the race starts. See the trailer below, complete with soundtrack that comes straight from a ’90s cop show intro …

This year’s biggest story will be KTM. Team Orange has dominated at Dakar for years, but five-time winner Cyril Despres has left to go to Yamaha. Yamaha is traditionally KTM’s toughest competitor at Dakar; it will be interesting to see if they’ve added the final ingredient necessary to end KTM’s reign.

KTM still has four-time winner Marc Coma racing for them. Up-and-coming star Kurt Caselli died in a crash at the Baja 1000, but KTM added Jordi Viladoms to round out their team (Ruben Faria and Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez are also on the factory team).

As for Can-Con – Patrick Beaule, who raced a bike last year at Dakar, is back again this year, but he’s co-driving a car.


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