Lightning Motorcycles gets closer to delivering their superbike

Hey! That VIN sticker seems to indicate this thing is coming to Canada ...
Hey! That VIN sticker seems to indicate this thing is coming to Canada …

Lightning Motorcycles has rolled VIN 000001 off their production line, with more bikes on the way.

It’s been a long, rocky road for Lightning. The company developed a reputation for building outstanding electric superbikes, but for a while, it seemed doubtful that consumers would ever be able to purchase one. But that seems to have changed; a Pikes Peak win by Carlin Dunne this year ensured they kept their street cred.

And soon, it appears you can actually ride a Lightning on the street, as they’ve passed all DOT requirements to run on the street. They’re currently working on the clay modeling for their street fairing. Want more details? Check out their website.

One thought on “Lightning Motorcycles gets closer to delivering their superbike”

  1. Awesome! Bring it on. The death of loud Goldbergian engineering draws closer. Cranks, cams, shims, cam chains, valve springs, valves, con rods, pistons, rings, spark plugs for the little burnt dead dinosaur stuff, exhaust, gasoline, oil, oil filters, fuel pumps, airbox, air filter, valve actuators, multiple servos, multi mapping…… the amount of supportive engineering that goes into a late contemporary internal combustion race engine is like Viagra being force feed to the terminally ill. That Viagra ironically is more and more electronics. Now could someone actually develop a battery with a descent range. Oh yeah, please don’t crap all over the environment with those new fangled batteries….. hhhmmmm seems we’ve been here.

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