Sena to introduce Bluetooth cam for bikes

Sena Prism
Sena Prism
Sena Prism

Sena’s best-known for their communication systems, but they’re about to release another gadget that may interest motorcyclists – an action camera that’s Bluetooth-integrated, so you can communicate with it over a helmet comm system.

That might sound like sort of a ho-hum deal at first (it’s not the first camera like this), but if you’ve ever seen some of those motorcycle vlog videos on YouTube, you’ll see the advantage immediately. See, it’s sort of a thing now for bikers to videotape their ride and provide narration as they ride along. This new camera lets them narrate directly to their video over their comm system’s microphone, instead of having to dub it in later.

It can even record the conversations of other riders on your helmet’s communication system, which is great if you want to tape a group ride.

The integration to your comm system has another advantage: The camera will “talk” to you over the sound system, letting you know what video functions are selected. In other words, you’ll know whether you’re recording or not – an important feature if you want to tape that perfect attack on the Tail of the Dragon.

It takes about an hour and a half to charge the camera’s li-ion battery, giving you about two hours’ use. It records 1080p video at 30 fps;, with a 140-degree field of view. It can also take still photos at 5 mp. It records to an SD card.

The Prism cameras will cost around $400 when they’re available in early 2014.

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