Gear up your Grom

FMF has come out with a new exhaust for the Grom.
FMF has come out with a new exhaust for the Grom.

So you went out and bought a Honda Grom after reading our review of Honda’s mini-sized hooligan bike. Congratulations! Slow-lane commuters will hate you, but you’ll have the time of your life terrorizing your city’s roadways … and hopping curbs … and lane-splitting … and so on.

If you want more speed, your best bet is to go buy a GSXR-750, as a 125 is a 125, and there’s only so much you can do. However, FMF Racing has announced they’re building a new exhaust system for the Grom.

Supposedly, the new exhaust cuts seven pounds of weight, and also offers more power. The increased horsepower likely won’t be too noticeable, but losing pork is always good, and hey, we bet it’ll sound faster, and that’s what really matters, right? Plus, that loud pipe will probably save someone’s life.

The aluminum muffler on its own costs $350 in the US; throw in a stainless steel header, and it’ll cost $400. Find out more details here.

2 thoughts on “Gear up your Grom”

  1. Hmmm..aluminum and high concentrated heat directly being blow torched out the head to the header. I’m sure they figured it all out …probably won’t drip much at traffic lights

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