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fudge_feature-imageWelcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Super suit

Muscles not included ...
Muscles not included …

Does your motorcycle make you feel heroic? Then maybe you ought to buy this new riding suit from UD Replicas, the same good people who brought you a Batman riding suit a few months ago.

Apparently, this outfit, called the Man of Steel suit, is made of leather, and they’re only making 750 of them; if you want one, you’d better make up your mind quick, because they’re only taking orders until Dec. 14.

This set of threads will set you back $1,325 CAD – and will also likely cost you a lifetime of self-respect, if you wear it in public. And, while it may be a Superman outfit, we’re guessing it doesn’t allow you to leap tall buildings in a single bound – handy as that would be, if you wanted a career as a motorcycle daredevil.

Weapon of choice

Ever heard of Azan magazine? Apparently, it’s a mag by the Taliban, for the Taliban. Maybe they give out free subscriptions to suicide bombers? If that’s the case, we’d say the publication’s long-term survival is in question.

Honda CG125   Photo: Wikipedia
Honda CG125 Photo: Wikipedia

In any case, Azan has taken to including vehicle reviews in their mag, and guess what one of their recent features was? It wasn’t a Hummer, or even a Toyota Hilux (long a favoured vehicle of third-world armies). Nope, they reviewed the Honda CG125, confirming the reports Taliban are in love with Big Red’s low-cost reliability. Hey, if you’re talking about bang-for-the-buck, bombmakers are all ears, right?

Source: IBTimes

Cooking in the kitchen

So you wanna do a burnout, but it’s too cold outside? No probalo!

Take it easy

So you want to put together a motorcycle safety film. Who do you get to star and narrate in it? Why not Evel Knievel and Peter Fonda, two of the unsafest riders we can think of from the 1970s. Check out this safety film from the California cops, and resurrected by the OPP. W

hile they have some tips that might still be helpful today, Fonda still misses some useful tidbits; for instance, what are you supposed to do if a pickup full of gun-totin’ hillbillies aims to gun you down? We’re left to ponder questions like this on our own.

Toys gone wild

James May   Photo: Wikipedia
James May Photo: Wikipedia

James May: You likely know him best as the star of BBC’s Top Gear, but he’s also apparently a keen hand with Meccano.

Apparently, back in August, May rode around the Isle of Man’s TT circuit on a sidecar rig made of Meccano. Also, he brought co-star Oz Clarke along for the 37-mile ride. What could possibly go wrong?

Here at CMG, we’re just jealous they had the idea first – and the budget to pull it off. The stunt plays on BBC this Christmas.

Source: BBC


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