New Garmin GPS takes you to the twisties

Garmin Zumo 390
Garmin Zumo 390
Garmin Zumo 390

Garmin has introduced an interesting new motorcycle GPS that will take you to the twisties.

The new Zumo 390, introduced at the Paris Motorcycle Show, has several handy features, including a tire pressure monitor, and a service history log that lets the owner keep track of oil changes and the like. It’s also designed to be used while wearing gloves – a particularly useful capability for gauntleted riders.

The most useful feature, though, could be the new routing mode that will send you to your destination through the twisties. Apparently, the new GPS is able to calculate the number of turns in a stretch of road, and can be configured to send you along those routes. Actually, this was an idea bandied about CMG offices a couple years ago, so we’re pretty sure the patent check is in the mail.

The new Zumo 390 costs about $700 in the US.


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