Test a Skully helmet (with video)

Skully is looking for testers for their new P1 helmet. Photo: Facebook
Skully is looking for testers for their new P1 helmet. Photo: Facebook

We’ve run a few articles on helmets with HUD; some riders like the idea of a heads-up-display, and others don’t. For those who do, here’s your chance to test-pilot the new technology.

Silicon Valley-based Skully Helmets is looking for riders to beta test their new HUD helmets. The Skully P1 lids look impressive – they have an Android operating system, which means sooner or later, people are going to start calling them “smart helmets.” There’s a rearview camera that shows a 180-degree view behind the rider, and a virtual map that’s projected on the helmet’s visor. It’s Bluetooth-compatible, and it can integrate with your GPS, your smartphone (iOS or Android). A lithium-ion battery will power it for nine hours, which should last a full day’s ride.

All the P1’s bells and whistles are supposed to be voice-activated. When the helmet is released, it’s supposed to meet U.S. DOT and European ECE standards.

There’s no pricing announcement yet, but if you want to be a Skully beta tester, check out their website here. If any CMGer actually makes the list, please let us know – we’d love to hear how the helmet works out in the real world. Skully’s Facebook page is here, if you want some other views of the helmet.

You can see a USA Today interview with Skully CEO Marcus Weller below.

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