Deaf Camp embroiled in motorsports battle suffers vandalism

A few days later, the camp's sign was vandalized. Photo: Facebook
First off, the neighbours complained about the noise from the camp's motorsports events. Then, someone spread these nails over the Ontario Camp of the Deaf's driveways. Photo: Facebook
Someone spread these nails over the Ontario Camp of the Deaf’s driveways. Photo: Facebook

Remember when we told about the Parry Sound noise war a few weeks ago? Back then, it was mostly a war of words, but things are heating up.

A few days later, the camp's sign was vandalized. Photo: Facebook
A few days later, the camp’s sign was vandalized. Photo: Facebook

The whole brouhaha started when some local residents decided they were tired of the noise from motorsports events in the area, particularly the events hosted by the Ontario Camp of the Deaf, and tried to shut them down. Some local politicos were accused of trying to make sure events like snowmobile racing and motocross were heavily restricted (or banned) in the region (including Seguin Township), and finally some local gearheads decided to push back. You can see their Facebook page here.

Things have gotten much nastier in the weeks since, it seems. According to the group’s Facebook page, someone spread about three pounds of nails across the Camp of the Deaf’s driveway a couple weeks ago, resulting in several flat tires.

Then, a few days later, vandals struck again, this time attacking the camp’s sign (see the photo on the right). As far as we know, nobody has been arrested in either of these crimes, and law enforcement hasn’t announced a link between the incidents and the ongoing battle over the camp’s motorized events.

But, this sounds like it’s more important than ever to show your support for the Camp and its events. Visit this Facebook page and find out how you can help. Remember, while this is off-road racing, the same anti-fun, anti-noise advocates attacking the Camp’s off-road events will target your street bikes next.


  1. our snowmobile group has already relocated our overnight stay this winter,Our summer bike tours will be next unless these people get justice. Jon

  2. Parry Sound business should pay close attention to this situation, once motorcycle riders get wind of this they will boycott the town completely, we are a very connected group and a massive amount of tourist income and we don,t give a shit about bobby orr, so do the right thing before this gets out. Jon

  3. They can all go fuck themselves. People like that simply shouldn’t even live. If you don’t like the sound of aftermarket quad exhausts, and cans on sleds then just simply move, why bother being a lowlife and tossing nails in a driveway and attacking signs, i hope you get caught and have to pay a fine. In which meaning you again continue to lose on this “ongoing battle”.

  4. When the four stroke ‘revolution’ began, all the old guys said this would be the end of the sport. Now, big surprise, all the old guys were right. I have ridden bikes for 30 years and even I get fed up with the noise generated by racing four strokes. A 250f on the far end of the track is as loud as if you had your ear to the tailpipe.

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