BMW releases K1600 GTL Exclusive

Is your BMW K1600 not pricy enough for you? Good news! Now you can upgrade to the K1600 GTL Exclusive, with even more bells, whistles and luxury.

Here's the new 2014 BMW K1600 GTL Exclusive.
Here’s the new 2014 BMW K1600 GTL Exclusive.

BMW’s latest entry in the K1600 series keeps the 160 hp I6 motor, but has many other smaller upgrades. The seat has been reshaped for comfort, the dash has been re-designed, the wire radio antenna is gone (replaced with a film-style antenna, hidden away in your luggage), and there’s an LED daytime running light.

Most of the bike - motor, chassis - is unchanged.
Most of the bike – motor, chassis – is unchanged.

The only major change that will affect day-to-day riding is a Hill Start Control, an electronic system that’s supposed to make it easier to get your bike rolling up a hill from a stop. There’s also a new keyless locking system, with one central locking system to make life easier. We presume that means the luggage and bike both use the same system, and unlock at the same time.

BMW also included new paint on the machine, and some chrome bits.

We don’t have a Canadian MSRP for the bike yet, or an arrival date.


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